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Tom Calling & The Calling

More Fire for the Firedome

the Archive Series:

Volume 1:
Mystic Chords of Memory

Volume 2:
Shallow Breathing

Volume 3:
Raining in the House

I've made over 1000 recordings during the last 25 years. Besides the album released nationally by Paradox/Polygram in 1987, and a handful of self released CDs, few of these songs have been heard outside of my small circle of friends. THE ARCHIVE SERIES endeavors to release some of my favorites, which also, hopefully represent 'the best of the bunch.' The collections are usually eclectic, and include music drawn from recordings I made either at home or at studios during the years that I lived, variously, in Ann Arbor, Toledo, Winston-Salem (NC), New York, Nashville, Santa Cruz, La Jolla, & Los Angeles.

Once Upon a Time in L.A.

Leave Tonight

Falling Short of Utopia

Caufield is a Los Angeles based male/female harmony duo comprised of American singer-songwriter Tom Caufield, and German vocalist Yasmin Tanriverdi. To date they have released 3 CDs on the Bohemian Embassy Label.

The Times Are Never So Bad

Deepest Kiss in the World

New Fan of the Daylight

Deep Topanga Twilight

Change in the Weather

Good News from
Outer Space (2001)

Rope of Sand (1998)
Nothing is Real (1995)
Frequency (1993)
Long Distance Calling (1987)
Tom Caufield solo albums. Note: 'Frequency' and 'Nothing Is Real' were released under the name 'Thomas,' 'Rope Of Sand,' 'Good News From Outer Space,' 'A Change In The Weather,' 'Deep Topanga Twilight,' & 'New Fan Of The Daylight' were released under the name 'Tom Toth.'

Last Days of
the Wetlands

Complete Idiot's Guide
to Tom Caufield

Upcoming releases.

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